The company epidemi will reduce its activity considerably from 15 August 2016 as the director Preben Aavitsland moves to the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and the University of Oslo. We thank all our customers and partners.

This web site will be maintained as a repository for newspaper articles and scientific publications by Preben Aavitsland. The Twitter account epidemino will continue as Aavitsland’s private account.

Please contact us at post@epidemi.no.

The text below is mainly for the historical record.



Research and advice on epidemics and preparedness

We work with public institutions at European, national and local level. We do not work with the pharmaceutical, medical devices, tobacco or alcohol industries.

We perform research projects, evaluations, analyses, risk assessments, advice, simulation exercises, preparedness planning, and training.

Thematic areas
We work on infectious disease prevention and  control, epidemiology, public health, reproductive health, tobacco control, preparedness and communication.

The director of epidemi is Preben Aavitsland MD, former state epidemiologist of Norway. He served for 21 years in various posts at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, including several leading roles, such as direktor of preparedness (7 years) and department director (10 years). He was the Norwegian member of the Advisory Forum of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and the EU’s Network Committe for communicable diseases. He was a medical editor at the Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association for 13 years and a physician at the NGO Oslo Contraceptive Clinic for 21 years. He teaches at the University of Oslo and the University of Bergen, and is part-time chief municipal medical officer in Arendal city.

Adress: Epidemi, Lasarettet, Odderøya, N-4610 Kristiansand, Norway
E-mail: post@epidemi.no
Telephone: +47 901 98 221

Identity design
The design has been developed by Tress design. The yellow colour is from the yellow quarantine flag (the letter Q) of the international maritime signal flags.

VAT Registration Number
NO 998 198 984 MVA

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